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Monochrome - V Neck

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Fight Germs, Odors, Viruses and Sun damage without Harmful Chemicals.

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Breathable Fiber

NeTu isn't just another fabric; it's an experience. Every thread is infused with the natural goodness of Neem and Tulsi. Apart from its biodegradable nature, this blend offers an unmatched softness and durability, ensuring a long-lasting garment worth every penny.

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Fabric Details

Consciously crafted for the environment.
60% Cotton, 40% Modal
Care Instructions:
Easy care, pre-shrunk. Machine wash cold, line dry.
Proudly made in India, a hub of textile excellence.

Size: S

Product information

Neem & Tulsi power our NeTu™ Fabric, ensuring lab-confirmed All-Natural benefits.

Crafted with pride in India, we've married age-old botanical wisdom with cutting-edge textile innovation in our NeTu™ Fabric. By infusing Neem & Tulsi, we deliver unparalleled, lab-confirmed benefits. Every thread resonates with India's rich heritage, our meticulous attention to detail, and our eco-conscious vision.

The fabric used in this shirt is treated with patented technology (IN 318405) - Enliven from Advantage Natural, 100% natural extracts of Neem and Tulsi herbs. Treatment is tested to provide resistance to the product from common bacteria and fungus as per AATCC100 testing standards up to [xx] gentle washes. Treatment is tested to provide defense to the product from ultraviolet rays for minimum UPF20 as per AATCC183 testing standards up to [xx] gentle washes. The treatment does not claim to prevent infection/ diseases or imply any public health claims to the wearer.

What is NeTu to you?

What makes NeTu different from other fabrics?

NeTu is made of Cotton and Modal, both good for the environment. We add neem and tulsi to it, making shirts that fight germs, bad smells, viruses, and sun damage, all without using harmful chemicals.

How does NeTu benefit my skin compared to polyester blends?

NeTu, with its natural fibers, is skin-friendly, reducing irritation and allergies. In contrast, polyester blends can trap moisture and are not as breathable, potentially causing skin discomfort.

How does the weight of NeTu fabric stack up against regular shirts?

NeTu is designed as a mid-weight fabric, striking the perfect balance between sturdiness and breathability. Unlike the usual Tri-blends which can vary in thickness, Our shirt ensures you get a fabric that's not too thin yet allows your skin to breathe comfortably.

How does NeTu contribute to overall wellness?

Beyond comfort, NeTu offers all-natural properties and promotes a connection to nature, fostering well-being both physically and mentally, unlike synthetic alternatives.